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Interesting examples of architecture in different houses can be appreciated, such as the Pirate’s House. Also well worth visiting are the religious buildings.

The Game of the Stick (Juego del Palo), one of the oldest indigenous sports of Canary, is a tradition in this municipality. It is a vernacular sport that has had a good number of players in all the region and that today is represented by the Verga family. They are considered the most consummate players of the half sick mode, with a particular style, inherited by the master in such practices : Cho Eugenio Díaz.

Today, one of their most representative elements is the traditional “Manta Esperancera” an ancient garment, used to fight the rigors of the cold climate.

In some areas of the municipality, such as Llano del Moro, are remains of old wind mills, witnesses of an already disappearing activity, where the daily roasted corn meal was produced.

Among the municipality’s festivities is Our Lady of la Esperanza, on the first Sunday of August, with the popular pilgrimage that features as a last act, the burning of the “Haragán”.


Calendar of Popular Festivities in El Rosario
First Sunday after January 15th San Amaro, Santa Lucía and San Sebastián. Machado
May 15th San Isidro Labrador. El Chorrillo
June 24th San Juan . Tabaiba
First Sunday in July The Exaltation of the Holy Cross and Pilgrimage to Santo Hermano Pedro. Llano del Moro
July 16th Our Lady of Carmen. Radazul
First Sunday in August Pilgrimage of Our Lady of La Esperanza
October 7th Our Lady of El Rosario
Second Sunday in October Our Lady of Los Dolores. Las Rosas, Lomo Pelado, Las Barreras

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